27 de junio de 2023

The sustainable supply and employ of power when it comes to best advantage of all of the individuals.

The sustainable supply and employ of power when it comes to best advantage of all of the individuals.

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Why our work is essential

Building a globally effective power change is crucial that you the ongoing future of mankind plus the planet – plus it presents unprecedented challenges and possibilities.

Its time for a new narrative on better power for all plus the environment. Join us and find out about our vision for humanising energy change.

Join our Effect communities

Our unbiased international system of almost 100 member that is national links energy leaders, companies, governments, innovators and professionals around the world.

We convene and allow the level of experiences, brand brand new insights and practical tools had a need to meet energy that is whole innovation challenges.


brand brand NEW: WE Speaks

Beyond the news and market data, peoples tales of power change are occurring all over the world each and every day. Join us for a few rich conversations that explore what’s actually taking place with power change and just exactly what this means for communities, communities and folks. Learn exactly just what sparks the drive and passion of a few of the most influential leadership sounds in the power globe and beyond. Be component of y our comprehensive power conversations.


BROWSE: World Energy Council Launches Inclusive Energy Conversations with WE Speaks

This assortment of narratives and tales drawn from various areas and sectors illustrates the social effects and individual degree implications of worldwide power change.


The World Energy Council koreancupid is convening its global community to facilitate a deeper exchange of energy expertise, engage diverse perspectives, and – using its recently-developed post-crisis scenarios – see through the current fog of uncertainty and enable orderly global energy transition as the world emerges from crisis while it is not possible to predict the future.


STUDY: New Insights quick regarding the part of Transmission businesses within the Energy Transition

While their functions will evolve, transmission businesses will stay in the middle for the electricity grid and have to balance the difficulties of keeping the lights on while changing on their own for future years.

World Energy problems Monitor 2020: Decoding brand brand new signals of modification

On the basis of the 11th yearly study and analysis of over 3,000 survey responses from power leaders in 104 nations, the entire world Energy Council has identified major styles and agenda things that are highly relevant to brand brand brand new power and energy-related developments in regionally diverse systems.


JOIN: Hydrogen Global

This effort encourages the serious consideration of clean particles as being a complement to electrification. Get in on the motion.

Performing towards successful Energy transition

The whole world Energy Council earnestly contributes the insights required by power leaders to create effective strategic, business and policy choices in regards to the power change. We offer reliable data, of good use tools and comment that is impartial.

Our interactive Energy Transition Toolkit includes five comprehensive tools which can be used together or individually. They’ve been which can drive effective change and bring us nearer to attaining a effective power change.

“These tools are priceless because they’re flexible, scalable and adaptable. They offer fat to your reasoning and invite us to produce techniques to ensure we are able to work with the practical solutions required to tackle power change.”

Tools for effective Energy Transition

World Energy Problems Monitor

yearly reality check of 2,000+ energy leaders global centering on the difficulties of power change

Energy Trilemma Index

better policy through balancing power protection, equity and ecological sustainability

World Energy Situations

strategic foresight tool that explores paths to boost planning when it comes to power change

Dynamic Resilience Framework

a framework for appearing and systemic danger management, including brand new challenges like climate dangers and cyber-security